Reasons to Recycle Used Motor Oil

 Used oil can contain contaminants such as lead, magnesium, copper, zinc, chromium, arsenic, cadmium and chlorinated compounds.

Used motor oil represents more than 40 percent of the oil pollution in our country's waterways. One gallon of used motor oil can pollute one million gallons of drinking water. Don't pour used motor oil down the drain or on the ground.
Used oil is easy to recycle. It can be re-refined into motor oil.
Even after draining, used oil filters contain about 10 ounces of used oil, as well as one pound of reusable steel. All the used oil filters sold annually in California could be recycled into 67 million pounds of steel,enough to build three large football stadiums! Recycle your used oil filter.
Recycling used oil and filters reduces our dependence on foreign oil, saves valuable resources, protects the health of our families, and is equired by law. You haven't finished changing your oil until you've taken this last important step.

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