Generally Used Oil Recycling Technology

 There are three processes to refine used lube oil to base oil in China.

1.Acid Process

Acid used oil recycling/reprocessing is old and popular.

Low Capital investment,very simple process.simple to operate, no advanced instruments, no skilled operators required.

Add sulfuric into waste oil, acid sludge and acid gas emission which adds heavy pollutants to the environment.

Now is banned by government  

2.Clay /flocculation and filtration process.

No acid is required.


Very high clay consumption, high chemical cost ,inconsistent quality.

may use water glass(Na2O.mSiO2 ,1%),TEPA(Tetraethylenepentamine)C8H23N5,1-2%) and activity clay(25%) 

Disposal of large quantity of spent clay is a environmental problem.

Process is dependent on a particular type of clay which may not be available from all the sources.

Regeneration rate is lower than 75% 

3.Vacuum Distillation Process

YANGJIANG Used Engine Oil Recycling and purification system - vacuum distillation.

This is the most effective process for lube oil recycling 

Does not cause pollution.

Easy to operate

Sophisticated Equipments & Process,

Produces good quality Base Oils.

Low cost

High regeneration rate.more than 85%


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