What are Lubricants?

 Lubricants are typically comprised of 80-90% base oil and 10-20% specialty additives that distinguish the product such as a motor oil, transmission or hydraulic fluid, or industrial process oil. Most all base oils originate from the processing of crude oil. The lubricants eventually become “spent” (think of the oil in your car) and are no longer effective because either the additives have broken down or the lubricant has become contaminated with impurities during its use. However, the base oil retains its original properties and usefulness. 

Through the re-refining process, the used oils can be processed to remove the original additives and contaminants acquired through use allowing the base oil to be retained. Once the re-refining process is complete, new chemical additives can be blended back into the base oil to fortify and bring the base oil to the performance standards desired for the new lubricant. This cycle can be repeated indefinitely since there is essentially no degradation in the base oil.

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 It's used essentially as a refined crude lubricant. Re-refined oil used to have a bad color associated with it because in the old days they didn't have modern technologies. They did some filtering and poured it over clay. They had these very, sort of, an......

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